Friendlys Sanitary Ware Co Nigeria Ltd is a 100% owned Nigerian Co. committed to bringing comfort and safety to the Nigerian women and its environs, and provide job opportunity to its teaming work force.

Facts On Regular Sanitary Pads

Chemicals/Toxins used in production

Industrial alkaline chemicals and toxins used in its manufacturing such as perfumes, fluorescence etc, can disrupt the skins normal ph levels making the body conducive to the growth of Trichomonal bacteria which kills sperm cells in the vagina therefore causing infertility.


These are the major cause of itchy and burning vulvar . Perfumes contain almost 3000 carcinogenic substances that are not meant for the softest most hydrated and permeable part of the body. Study has shown that a woman will use an average of 16,000 pads in her lifetime. That is a lot of dioxin and other harmful Chemicals going into her body.

Recycled Materials

Recycled materials are laced with heavy bacteria and microorganisms. The printed papers from dustbins etc once recycled and bleached, leave at least 2 residuals ( dioxin and lead) . Lead being another carcinogen.

The Use of Inserted Pads

Make sure that these inserted pads are not bleached in chlorine or scented . The vagina contains millions of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels such that any substance put inside is quickly absorbed without being metabolized as there are no enzymes there to break it down any harmful substance. It goes straight into the body and begins to cause harm. Inserted pads have been noted to cause toxic shock syndrome in young girls and women all over the world . Even the leaflet attached to the product reads ‘may cause toxic shock’

What is Friendlies Sanitary Pad?

a. Friendlies Sanitary pads/panty liners are ‘Chlorine free sanitary napkins”. Pads bleached in chlorine leaves a residual ‘dioxin’ a carcinogenic substance which can leave in the body for close to 15years as it takes that long for our immune system to be compromised then cancer.

b. Perfumes in sanitary napkins are a major cause of itching and burning vulva. Perfumes contain over 3,000 carcinogenic substances. The manufacturers of these perfumes are not expected to disclose their ingredients as it is termed their ‘secrete formular’ since the use was meant for the hard structure of our skin not at all meant for the softest, most permeable and most hydrated part of the woman’s body.

c. Recycled Materials contain very high levels of micro organisms and bacteria. These recycle papers contain high levels of Lead residual another carcinogenic substance.

d. Other alkaline substances such as fluorescents and industrial chemicals additives can disrupt the bodies Ph level making it conducive to the growth of trichomonal bacteria which kills sperm cells in the body to cause infertility.

So we created a solution…

a. All our sanitary products are chlorine free

b. All our products are perfume free

c. Non-recycled raw material

d. Soft cotton surface

e. Food grade gum instead of industrial chemical gum